Izabella Tsvetanova



My name is Izabella Tsvetanova, Attorney-at-Law, graduated the Legal Faculty of the University of National and World Economy in 2005, a member of Sofia BAR Association. I am also MBA graduate of City University of Seattle with a major in Financial Management.

I have more than 11 years of intensive experience in the field of commercial and corporate law, real estate, contracts and negotiations etc. I was one of the main legal advisors on Bulgarian level Platinum Developments group, joint venture group of companies, set-up to develop various investment projects in Bulgaria, related to corporate, (cross-border) commercial and M&A transactions, change of control issues; joint ventures financing and collaterisation transactions, (special) pledges, settlement agreements, winding-up et.

In my work I have carried out due diligences in respect of energy sector projects (wind and solar farm projects, renewable energy sources etc.)
My background also includes providing legal advice to clients in relation to acquisition, closing and management of real estate; ongoing legal advice and court representation of companies and individuals before Bulgarian courts in civil, administrative and commercial disputes.

Currently, my areas of interest are related to EU Law, including problems of Harmonization in Financial Services in EU, Private International Law, Problems of Location, Relocation and Dislocation, as well as Tax Law. In addition to my native Bulgarian, I speak English and intermediary French.

Practice areas

Registration and structuring of  companies and other legal entities under  Bulgarian law - private and public, joint –stock, unlimited and limited companies,  joint ventures and SPVs, etc;
Drafting of articles of incorporation, shareholders & joint venture agreements, by-laws, etc.;
Drafting and negotiating all types of commercial contracts and related agreements, minority/ majority shareholders relationships, including general terms and conditions, letters of intent, etc;
Advising of directors’ rights, conflict of interest,  duties and liability, etc;
Advising on related changes of company capital structure and size, including in-kind contributions of assets such as real estate, receivables, etc;
Drafting all documents with respect to winding up of companies, including liquidation and bankruptcy procedures

Due diligence of title/ limited property rights and existence of liens, encumbrances and injunctions over real estate;
Representation in negotiations for real estate acquisition and offer schemes for securitization of payment (transfer of the ownership title) in the event of real estate transactions (guarantee & escrow agreements  etc.);
Representation of clients before the competent administrative authorities in connection with real estate transactions, as well as in real estate and construction litigations.

Client representation in litigations with all court and arbitration institutions including providing advise on risks with regard to the particular legal disputes;
Representation and assistance in negotiating out-of-court settlements;
Legal representation and support in the course of debt collection;
Document review and expert opinions for the purpose of evaluating potential risks of litigation as a mean of dispute settlement.

Representation before various administrative institutions, courts and special jurisdictions;
Drafting of relevant documents necessary for conducting the respective administrative procedure or an administrative litigation, stipulated by the Bulgarian legislation, including applications for registrations, approvals or licenses;
Representation in issuance and in challenging/appeal individual administrative acts through the applicable administrative proceedings before state authorities, administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Contractual arrangements for directors, managers and all other levels of staff under contracts of employment or under consultancy or services agreements;
Dealing with the termination of employment of staff;
Compliance with the Labour Code and other regulatory matters, including health and safety.

Providing assistance to clients/investors willing to apply for Permanent Residence in Bulgaria with the view to obtain citizenship after 5 years. Bulgaria is the ideal gateway into the European economy and way of life. Bulgaria is diverse, culturally rich and perfectly placed for working and travelling in and around the continent.

The PR programme provides easy access to permanent residency, it has no language requirements for residence or citizenship, neither an obligation to relinquish current nationality. The main applicant and his dependents are exempt from requirement for physical residence in Bulgaria throughout the PR process.

Bulgarian PR gives many benefits for holders, such as equal rights to BG citizen, except for voting right; access to high quality healthcare in Bulgaria and the EU; can avail of EU medical care starting from only €40 per month, access to the high quality free education system in Bulgaria; the right to work in Bulgaria without needing to apply for a work permit; the right to open a bank account, lodge or withdraw money and make transfers to other citizens or institutions abroad.

The holder of Bulgarian PR is entitled to apply for Bulgarian Citizenship and obtain Bulgarian ID card after 5 years, allowing him to travel to and stay in any EU country for up to 90 days without needing a visa or permit; to freely move within the Schengen countries after Bulgaria becomes a member state; to apply to schools in the UK and any other EU country.

Providing tax advising and consulting for a wide range of business matters in a variety of tax services, such as:

Tax planning for establishment of companies;
Tax planning related to execution of EU funded projects;
Tax implications of commercial restructurings and transactions;
Assistance with domestic and foreign investment;
Tax planning regarding property acquisition;
Avoidance of double taxation and implementation of treaties thereof;
Registration for tax purposes and representation before the tax authorities;
Consultations on personal income tax;
Tax due diligence;
Handling disputes with the tax authorities;
Providing defence in tax litigation;